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Don’t Let Discomfort Prevent You From Using Your Devices

With how many hours a day people spend on their digital screens, it’s no surprise many patients have digital eye strain symptoms. Approximately 50% of computer users experience headaches, sore eyes, and blurry vision. 

You don’t need to deal with irritated and tired eyes every time you use your digital devices. Visit one of our locations in Cranberry, Baden, Mt. Oliver, or Wexford, and we can help address your digital eye strain symptoms.

What is Digital Eye Strain?

Digital eye strain happens when your eyes become strained after using computers, phones, tablets, or other digital devices. Many patients experience blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, and sore neck and shoulders after sitting in front of a computer for long periods. While using digital devices can lead to these symptoms, the devices themselves don’t cause your irritation. 

Strained eyes happen because of how you use digital devices. Eye fatigue occurs when your eyes focus on visual tasks without rest. Symptoms are more common when using your computer or phone because these screens make your eyes work harder. 

Other factors can lead to digital eye strain symptoms, including:

  • An eye problem or refractive error
  • Dim light 
  • Exposure to dry air 
  • Long periods of work without rest
  • Poor posture
  • Screen glare
  • Stress or fatigue
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Digital Eye Strain Relief & Prevention

The best thing you can do when your eyes start to burn and feel strained is to let them rest. But this isn’t always possible, and you may want to prevent irritation from developing at all. Thankfully, changing your computer and digital device habits can help prevent digital eye strain symptoms. We recommend making the following changes to your digital device habits and seeing how they benefit your eyes and vision after a long day.

Adjust Your Work Area

Make sure your computer screen is around an arm’s length away from your body and faces you at a downward angle. Additionally, keep your screen away from incoming sunlight or overhead light to reduce the potential for glare while working.

Proper positioning can help you avoid digital eye strain symptoms.

Make sure you sit in a comfortable chair where your feet reach the floor. Your arms should rest on your chair for added support when typing. Keep your back straight, and your neck shouldn’t be looking up to view your screen.

Taking breaks can help give your eyes a rest during the day. Stand up and complete tasks not requiring a computer to let your eyes rest.

Another technique you can use is the 20-20-20 rule. Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes to look at something at least 20 feet away.

Helping You Enjoy Your Computer Time

Digital eye strain can make using your digital devices irritating and uncomfortable. However, you don’t need to deal with these symptoms every time you use your computer or phone. We can review your digital device habits and recommend ways to relieve and prevent future discomfort. 

Book an appointment at one of our locations, and we can discuss your digital device use.


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