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Restore the Comfort of Your Vision

Your eyes are an integral part of daily life, and dry eyes can significantly impact the comfort and quality of your vision.

Dry eye disease affects 1 in 5 adults, but treatment options are available to help you find relief. Family Vision Care is proud to offer dry eye solutions for your unique needs. 

Visit us for an accurate eye assessment and say goodbye to your uncomfortable dry eyes!

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The Importance of Your Tears & Dry Eye Disease

Your tears have an essential role in the health and function of your eyes. They keep the eyes lubricated, wash away dirt and debris, and reduce the risk of eye infection. 

Your tear film is made up of 3 important layers:

  • The oily layer—is responsible for making sure your tears don’t evaporate too quickly
  • The watery layer—washes away dirt & debris that doesn’t belong in the eye
  • The mucus layer—helps make sure the tears stick to the eye

What is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease occurs when your tears can’t keep your eyes adequately moisturized. If you have dry eyes, you may not produce enough tears, or the quality of your tear film lacks an important component.

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Causes & Symptoms of Dry Eye

We know just how irritating dry eyes can be. If you’ve experienced prolonged symptoms of dry eye disease, visit us to find a suitable treatment to minimize discomfort. Treating your uncomfortable dry eyes can help avoid further vision complications such as eye infections or damage to the eye’s surface.


Dry eye can be caused by a decrease in tear production or an increased rate of tear evaporation.

Causes of decreased tear production include:

Causes of increased tear evaporation include:

Symptoms you may experience if you have dry eyes include:

  • Stinging, burning, or scratchy sensation
  • Eye redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Mucus in or around the eyes
  • Feeling like something is in your eyes
  • Trouble wearing contact lenses
  • Excessive eye watering

Dry Eye Diagnosis & Treatment

We’re equipped with the knowledge and technology to assess and diagnose dry eyes to find a treatment option right for you. Your optometrist will recommend a solution to target the root cause of your symptoms.

OptiLight IPL

OptiLight by Lumenis is an innovative intense pulsed light (IPL) system that delivers targeted light therapy to the skin just below the eyes.

This treatment addresses the cause of meibomian gland dysfunction, thick oil blocking the meibomian glands in the eyelid while minimizing inflammation at the same time.

Each treatment session typically takes 10–15 minutes.

LipiView is a non-invasive device that provides high-definition meibomian gland imaging. This technology can help us accurately assess your tear film and its lipid content and quality. From there, we can determine if LipiFlow or another form of treatment is right for managing your dry eye symptoms.

LipiFlow is a non-invasive treatment that helps to unclog blocked meibomian glands. This device uses a combination of gentle heat and massage to melt and secrete the thick oil clogging the glands.

Natural oil production can resume and create a sufficient oil layer in the tear film, decreasing the number of tears that evaporate too quickly.

Amniotic membranes have great healing and restorative properties. Amniotic membrane therapy can help treat moderate to severe dry eye along with other ocular surface conditions.

The membrane is secured by a flexible plastic ring that gets inserted between the eyelids, allowing the tissue to rest on the eye’s surface. After a few days, your eye doctor will remove the membrane and plastic ring. Both insertion and removal are quick and painless and offer long-lasting benefits.

Low level light therapy (LLLT) is a noninvasive technique used to treat meibomian gland dysfunction, a common cause of dry eye. This LED light therapy warms the eyelids and speeds up the energy processes necessary for proper oil production. This will improve patient symptoms and can decrease the appearance of facial wrinkles, acne and rosacea.

LLLT can be safely applied to the upper and low eyelids, which is uncommon in other forms of light therapy. Targeting more glands can contribute to effective improvement.

Treatment sessions can be completed in about 15 minutes.

Relief Starts at Family Vision Care

Don’t let dry eyes affect your life any longer. We’re here to help find a solution to alleviate irritating symptoms. Schedule your next appointment today.


We’re Invested in Your Eyes

Feel confident in the care you receive from our team at Family Vision Care. We’re always looking for improved technology and techniques to take care of your eye health and vision.

A visit to our office is an experience that is thorough and efficient. We take care of the whole family from 5 years old and up with comprehensive services, including eye exams, contact lens fittings, dry eye therapy, eye disease management, and more. 

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